Applied Mechanics AM 3rd Sem/ME/Civil/Dec 2016 Diploma Paper

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Applied Mechanics 3rd Sem/Civil/ME/Automobile Dec 2016 Diploma Question Paper


Q1. a) Fill in the Blanks.                                             10×1=10       

  a) Acceleration is a ________ quantity.
  b) __________ forces cannot produce a rotation
  c) In the study of levers, we use the principle of ________________
  d) The efficiency of screw jack may be increased by _________ the pitch.
  e) The efficiency of an ideal machine is ________________
  f) Angle of repose is __________ to angel of friction.
  g) The algebraic sum of moments in equilibrium is equal to ______________
  h) The turning effect of a force is called _____________________
  i) Lami’s theorem is applicable only for ________________________
   j) The point through which whole area of a plane figure acts is called ______

State True or False 5×1 = 5

   a) Dynamic friction is also called Limiting friction.
   b) Friction cannot produce motion by acting alone.
   c) Composition of forces is the process of determining the resultant of a system of forces.
   d) The V.R of third system of pulley is 2n.
   e) Area of quadrant is given by πR2/4.


Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                                    5×6=30   

    1. Explain triangle law of forces.
    2. Explain the concept of free body diagrams.
   3. State the characteristics of a couple?
   4. Explain the angle of repose.
   5. Where does the C.G of following regular solids lies?
     a) Hemisphere (Solid)     b) Cone  (Solid)       c) Cone  (Hollow)
     d) Cylinder(Hollow) e) Cylinder(Solid)
   6. Discuss “Friction is a necessity as well as an evil”.
   7. Explain the reversible and self locking machines.
   8. Write a note on simple wheel and axle.
   9. What are laws of static friction?


Q3. Attempt any three questions.                                                       3×10=30

      I) A man and a boy carry a weight of 300N between them by means of a uniform rod 2m long and weighing 100N, where must the weight be placed so that the man may bear twice as much of the weight as that of the boy.
     ii) The frustum of a solid cone has base diameter 12cm, top diameter 6cm and height 8cm. Find the position of C.G from the base.
    iii) Two forces act an angle of 120o. The bigger force is equal to 80N and the resultant is at right angles to the smaller force. Find the smaller force and the resultant force.
    iv) A wooden block weighing 500N is just pulled up the plane having an inclination of 30o with the horizontal by a pull parallel to the plane. If the coefficient of friction is 0.25, Find the pull.
    v) In a machine an effort of 60N is required to lift a load of 250N and on effort of 70N is required to lift a load 375N if the velocity ratio is 20 the determine :
   a) Law of the machine.       b) Efficiencies corresponding to 250N.

Applied Mechanics 3rd Sem/Civil/ME/Automobile May 2019 Diploma Solved Question Paper


Q1. a) Fill in the Blanks.                                             15×1=15       

   a. Screw jack works on the principle of __________ .
   b. A body which does not change its size and shape under effect of forces acting on it is called a ____________
   c. Equilibrium force is equal and opposite to the____________ Force.
   d. Resultant of two forces is maximum when angle between them is _____________.
   e. Turning effect of force is called _______________.
    f. The resultant of two unlike parallel forces is equal to their __________ .
   g. C.g of a body symmetrical about an axis lies on __________ .
   h. Sliding friction is a type of _____________ Friction.
    i. Impulse = Mass X __________ .
    j. Apparent weight of passenger sitting in freely falling lift is ____________ .

Triangle law of forces.

Concept of free body diagrams.

Characteristics of a couple

Angle of repose.

a) Hemisphere (Solid)   

 b) Cone  (Solid)     

 c) Cone  (Hollow)
d) Cylinder(Hollow) e) Cylinder(Solid)

Friction is a necessity as well as an evil.

Reversible and self locking machines.

Short  note on simple wheel and axle.

Laws of static friction

Applied Mechanics 3rd Sem/Civil/DEC 2016 Diploma Solved Paper Click Here

applied Mechanics 3rd Sem/Civil /DEC 2016 Diploma Solved Question Paper

Angle between two forces of magnitude Numerical.

Methods of reducing friction.

 Input of machine

Efficiency of machine

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