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Basic Electronics 2nd Sem ECE/CSE/EEE/May 2018 Paper


BASIC ELECTRONICS 2nd Sem/ECE/CSE/IT/EEE/0664/May 2018                               SECTION-A

Q1. Fill in the Blanks                                                                                                    15×1=15

  1. N-type semiconductors are formed by adding Pentavalent impurities to a Pure Semiconductor.
  2. Efficiency of half wave rectifier is 40.6%
  3. Center-Tap transformer is used in Full Wave Rectifier.
  4. Filter circuits are used to reduce ac Components.
  5. The value of knee voltage for silicon diode is 0.7 V .
  6. Zener diode is made to operate in Zener Breakdown Region.
  7. In BJT, leakage current mainly depends on Temperature.
  8. The point of intersection of dc and ac load line is called Operating Point (Q Point) .
  9. AC load line of a transistor is steeper than its D.C. load line. (T/F) True
  10. The Best Biasing Method is achieved by adopting Potential Divider or Voltage Divider Biasing.
  11. JFET stands for Junction Field Effect Transistor.
  12. MOSFET is a Voltage Controlled device.
  13. The emitter and collector regions of BJT is Highly Doped and Moderate Doped.
  14. Free Electrons Exists in Valence Band.
  15. When both the Junctions of a transistor are Forward Biased, it is said to be in Saturation Region.


Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                 5×6=30

  1. Explain with suitable Diagram Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductor ?
  2. What is Zener diode? Draw its symbol and explain its characteristics.
  3. Explain the working of Half wave Rectifier ?
  4. Explain the working of NPN Transistor .
  5. Explain the difference between FET and BJT ?
  6. What do you mean by h parameters of transistors?
  7. In what way the temperature variations affect the operating point of a transistor?
  8. Explain the Phase reversal of output voltage with respect to input voltage in an Amplifier ?


Q3. Attempt any three questions.                                                           3×10=30

    1. Explain conductors, insulators and semiconductors on the Basis of their Energy Band Theory ?
    2. Draw Circuit of a Full Wave Bridge Rectifier and Explain its working. Draw the Output Waveform ?
    3. Explain PN Junction and draw the V-I characteristics of PN Junction ?
    4. Explain the input and output characteristics of CE configuration. Derive the relation Between α and β.
    5. Write a Short note on (any two)
      1. Light Emitting Diode
      2. Drift and Diffusion current.
      3. Filter Circuit


Section a FILL IN THE BLANKS basic electronics be may paper 2018

Knee Voltage of Silicon diode is 0.7V

Potential Divider or Voltage Divider Biasing.

Junction Field Effect Transistor

Emitter is Highly Doped and Collector is Moderate Doped.

Saturation Region

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