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Basic Electronics Diploma Paper EEE/ECE/CSE/Dec 2018

EXAM/ECE/CSE/IT/EEE/0664/Dec 2018

Basic Electronics Diploma Paper EEE/ECE/CSE/Dec 2018                             


Q1. Do as directed.                                                                                                    15×1=15

    1.The value of knee voltage of a Germanium diode is 0.3 Volt.

    2.The electrons in the outermost orbit are called Valence Electron.

    3. Holes are Majority carriers in the p-type

    4.MOSFET is a  Voltage Controlled Device

    5.A Zener diode is always operated in Zener Breakdown Region.

    6.When pn junction is heavily doped, its breakdown voltage will Decrease.

    7.FET is Uni Polar Device

   8.The smaller the stability factor, the Higher will be the thermal stability of                the Circuit ?

   9.If the arrow points outward, the transistor is an NPN Transister.

  10.The best biasing method is achieved by adopting Voltage Divider Biasing.

  11.BJT stands for Bipolar Junction Transister .

  12.CMOS stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.

  13.Current amplification factor of CB is Ic/Ie .

  14.The meaning of hybrid is Intermixing of Two or More Parameter .

  15.Output signal frequency of full wave rectifier is Double of input signal .


Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                 5×6=30

     1.Explain the need for Stabilization of the Operating Points ?

   2.Discuss the advantages of FET over Conventional Transister.

   3.Explain the effect of temperature on conductivity of intrinsic Semiconductor.

   4.Write a note on tunnel Diode ?

   5.Draw Circuit of Half Wave Rectifier and Explain its working. Draw the                      output Waveform ?

  6.What do you mean by thermal runaway?

  7.Draw and explain Filter Circuits ?

  8.What is Zener Diode? Explain its Applications ?


Q3. Attempt any three questions.                                                           3×10=30

 1.Draw and Explain the Common Emitter Configurations of a Transister ?

 2.Explain construction and working principle of FET. Draw the neat diagram ?

 3.Write note on PN Junction and its biasing. Difference between the n-type and         p-type semiconductor.

 4.Explain in Detail Different Types of Biasing ?

 5.Write short notes on the following. (any two)

       1. LED

       II.Avalanche breakdown

       III.Schottky Diode


Section a FILL IN THE BLANKS basic electronics be dec 218 paper

Knee Voltage of Silicon diode is 0.7V

Potential Divider or Voltage Divider Biasing.

Junction Field Effect Transistor

Emitter is Highly Doped and Collector is Moderate Doped.

Saturation Region

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