Civil Engineering PSBTE Diploma Solved Question Paper


Download Previous year question paper with solutions for all subjects in 1st-2nd sem , 3rd sem , 4th sem , 5th sem , 6th sem of Civil engineering.

PSBTEPAPER.COM provides solved previous year question paper for all subjects in 1st-2nd semester , 3rd semester , 4th semester , 5th semester , 6th semester of Civil Engineering. JK Engineering Classes Solved all previous year question paper with lecture helps you to get excellent marks in exams. From our Mechanical engineering question paper , students can download solved previous year question paper.

Last year’s question paper contained Civil Engineering solutions from 2010 to 2019
PSBTEPAPER.COM  website provides a set of questions designed to be resolved in the last year 2011 to 2019 Civil Engineering Diploma Solved Question Paper. Preparing a paper from last year helps you get good marks in exams. At question bank, students can download the previous year’s question paper. The solutions to this year’s question paper are easy to understand.

All Civil Engineering Paper Sample-
The basic pattern of the All subject of Civil Engineering  question paper will be described below-Total allotted time- 3 hrs
All questions are compulsory
Total marks- 70
Answer the questions in your own words.This Final paper is divided into 3 sections -Question type marks are assigned
Very short answer questions 1 marks all marks = 15
Short question mark 5 marks each mark = 30
Long answer question 10 mark each marks = 30

PSBTEPAPER.COM Provides solutions to these previous year question paper are very easy to understand for all subjects in 1st semester to 6th Semsester Civil engineering.

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