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Computer Network 5th Sem/EEE/CSE/2626/May 2015 Diploma Paper

Download Previous Year Diploma Paper of Computer Network 5th Sem Diploma May 2015 Paper

 Computer Network 5th Sem Diploma May 2015 Paper


Q1. Do as directed.                                                                                                             15×1=15

     i) Packets are made in Network layer of OSI Model.
    ii) Fully connected network require ………. links for n nodes.
    iii) E-mail is an …………. of sending a letter.
    iv) The _____ layer describes how real work actually gets done.
    v) The is assigned to network with very far number of hosts.
    vi) ICMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol .
   vii) VOIP stands for  Voice Over Internet Protocol .
   Viii Cryptography is the science of writing in secret code.
    ix)  Active Hub type of hubs regenerate the signal.
     x) The  ………….. Is responsible for document presentation. 

2.True and False

      i) Ratio waves are bi-directional.
    ii) Cable modem does not use a Co-axial cable television.
    iii) RAID is the organization of multiple disks into a large, high performance logical disk.
      iv) Cell phones support Wi-Fi technology.
    v) Fragment offset is a 3 bits field


Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                                    5×6=30

    i) Explain various Switching techniques.
   ii) Describe IP Packet format of IPV4.
   iii) Define various Network connecting devices.
   iv) Write short note on cryptography.
    v ) Write down the steps involved in performing troubleshooting. vi)Explain various types of wireless LAN.


Q3. Attempt any three questions.                                                      3×10=30

    Q 3) Explain how does a CSMA protocol works.
    Q 4) What do you understand by Huffman Code? Explain in detail.                                                                                                                                                                                  Q 5) Explain OSI Reference model in detail.
    Q 6) Write short note on: i) IEEE 802.11
         ii) WIMAX Technology

 The OSI reference  model has  7 Layers.

PSTN stands for Public Switching Telephone Network .

A Small Bluetooth Network is Called Piconet .

There are  Three Classes of  Network.

CSMA stands for Carrier-Sense Multiple Access .

VSAT stands for  very small aperture terminal .

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol .

 A Modem (modulator–demodulator) is a network hardware device.

IP has two Parts  Network ID and Host ID.

RAID stands for Redundant Array of independent disks .


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