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Electrical Power-1 EP-1 5th Sem/Elect/EEE/2527/May 2019 PSBTE Paper

Electrical Power-II EP-1 5th Semester May 2019 Diploma Paper. Download Previous year Electrical Power-II EP-1 5th Sem EE/EEE/2527/Diploma Solved Question Paper.

Electrical Power-I EP-1 5th Sem EEE May 2019 Diploma PSBTE Paper


Duration : 3 Hrs                                                                                      M.Marks : 75   

                         SECTION A

      1. Fill in the blanks :


  1. KVAR = tan φ.
  2. The 3-phase, 3-wire ac system of distribution is used for
  3. ______________
  4. C resistance of a conductor is more than its D.C resistance due to___________ effect.
  5. In the cables stranded conductors are used to improve of the ____________
  6. For combined power and lightning load system is _____________
  7. Block rate tariff is usually applicable to
  8. Murray loop test is used to locate _____________
  9. Corona loss can be minimized if the size of the conductor is power _______________
  10. At the various load centres usually the voltage level is
  11. Power factor of resistance load is always
Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                 5×6=30


  1. State the advantages and disadvantages of high voltage C. transmission over A.C. transmission.
  2. Differentiate between feeder, distributor and service
  • Name various types of tariffs and discuss the characteristics of good
  1. Define string efficiency and how it can be
  2. What do you understand by sub-station? What are its functions which can be performed at substation?
  3. What are the faults which are more likely to occur in underground cables?
  • Derive an expression for sag for an overhead line conductor on level supports.

A 16 Km long transmission line consists of pair of conductors 1.5cm in diameter spaced 2m apart. Find the loop inductance of the line


   Q3. Attempt any three questions.                                        3×10=30


Q3. a) What is voltage regulation? Discuss the condition for zero voltage regulation.

  1. b) Explain unsymmetrical fault on 3-phase

Q4. a) A consumer takes a steady load of 300kW at a p.f. 0.8 lagging for 15 hrs/day and 300 days/annum.Estimate his annual payment if charge at 40 paise per kWh plus Rs1200 per KVA per annum.

  1. b) What are the main considerations while designing a distributor? Explain corona factor influencing it and the method reducing corona.
  2. Q6. a) Explain 3-phase 4 wire systems of distributions of electrical power.
  3. b) Explain the consequences of disconnection of neutral in a 3phase -4 wire

Electrical Power-I EP-1 5th Sem EEE May 2019 Diploma PSBTE Paper

Section a FILL IN THE BLANKS Electrical Power-II MAY 2016 paper

Electrical Power Station Located in Ropar is Guru Gobind Singh Super Thermal Power Station.

The Diversity Factor is Always Greater Than One.

Load Factor is the Ratio of Average Load and Peak Load.

Percentage Reactance is defined as 

The Difference Between a Switch and Circuit Breaker is 

Fusing current is Always Less than Current Carrying capacity of a Fuse.

ELCB Stands for Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker 

The Maximum Value of Voltage Being used in India for Transmission of Electric Power is 750KV AC.


The Breaking Capacity of a Circuit Breaker is defined as Maximum Short Circuit Current That Breaker can Interrput Without Damage.


The Power Stations used as Base Load Stations are Coal Fuel or Nuclear Power Stations



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Section B :Electrical Power-II EP-2 6th Sem EEE MAY 2016 Diploma Paper

Common types of faults in overhead and underground lines.

Function of isolator and circuit breaker

Short note on rating of circuit breaker.

Relay and its Function

Define the pickup current of a relay.

Solar power generation its advantages

Difference between earth and neutral wire

Name the type of lightning arrestors. 

Horn gap arrestor.

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Electrical Power-II EP-2 6th Sem EEE May 2016 Diploma Paper

Section c Electrical Power-II EP-2 6th Sem EEE May 2016 Diploma Paper

cross-jet explosion pot circuit breaker

explain the principle of arc extinction in it.

MCB and explain its working.

Merz Price system of protection for a 3 phase star-delta transformer

(i) Rod Gap arrestor

(ii) Earth Screen

(iii) Surge Absorber

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