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Non-Conventional Energy Resources EE-5th Sem Dec 2016 Paper

Download Previous Year Diploma Paper of Non-Conventional Energy Resources 5th Semester EE Dec 2016 Diploma Solved Paper

Non-Conventional Energy Resources 5th Sem EE Dec 2016 Diploma Solved Paper


Q1. a) Fill in the Blanks.                                             15×1=15    

      a. Wind is _____ Renewable energy source
      b. Flat plate collector is non _______type collector.
      c. A _________is a source parallel arrangement of solar cells.
      d. The operating cost of MHD power generation is _________
      e. Biogas is mixture of methane and ________ dioxide
      f. Coal is an example of non conventional energy source. (T/F)
     g. ______ is material used for making solar cell.
     h. Plant having generation capacity up to kW are micro hydel project.
      i. Gobar gas plant is an example of energy from biomass.(T/F)
      j. ______ speed generators are used in wind power generator.


Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                                    5×6=30

       i. Explain Different type of solar collector with their diagram?
      ii. Explain the working principle of Ni-Cd cell?
     iii. What is the working principle of MHD generator & explain its types?
     iv. What are the parts of tidal energy plant?
      v. What are the different methods of obtaining energy from biomass? Explain briefly?
      vi. Derive the expression for power developed due to wind”?
      vii. Explain the design considerations for wind turbine?
     viii. Explain liquid dominated & steam dominated geothermal systems with their dig?


Q3. Attempt any three questions.                                                      3×10=30

      a. Explain the working of
          i) solar furnace ii) solar cooker?
      b. What are the components of hydroelectric power plant? Explain briefly?
      c. Describe and compare Savouniustype and Darrieus rotor type wind machines.
      d. Explain different type of Ocean thermal energy conversion systems with their advantages?

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Non-Conventional Energy Resources 5th Sem DEC 2016 Diploma Solved Paper Click Here

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Non-Conventional Energy Resources 5th Sem Dec 2016 Diploma Solved Paper Click Here

Non-Conventio nal Energy Resources 5th Sem EE dec 2016 Diploma Solved Paper

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