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Optical Fiber Communication OFC 6th Sem Diploma Dec 2018 Paper

Download Previous Year Diploma Paper of Optical Fiber Communication OFC 6th Sem Diploma Dec 2018 Paper

Optical Fiber Communication OFC 6th Sem Diploma Dec 2018 Paper


Q1. Do as directed.                                                                                                             15×1=15

     a. The optical power budget is usually expressed in .
     b. The unit of dispersion is .
     c. The refractive index of multimode fiber changes .
     d. The pre-amplifier are used to provide small gain (T/F).
     e. SLED Stands for .
     f. Snell’s law states that .
    g. __________ tells us about the information carrying capacity of the channel.
    h. Semiconductor LD’s emits coherent light (T/F).
     i. MFD stands for .
     j. EDFA stands for


Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                                    5×6=30

        i. Explain avalanche photodiode with suitable diagram.
       ii. Define Total Internal Reflection (TIR)? How it is useful in optical fiber communication?
      iii. Write advantages of optical fiber communication.
      iv. Explain the basic structure of an optical fiber?
      v. Explain the principle of light penetration in optical fiber cable.
     vi. What are the difference between single mode and multi mode fiber?
     vii. Write short note on :
          a) Raman Scattering b) Absorption loss
     viii. What is dispersion? What are the different types of dispersion?


Q3. Attempt any three questions.                                                      3×10=30

      a. What do you mean by optical light source? Explain different types of optical sources.
      b. Draw and explain block diagram of optical fiber communication link.
      c. Define optical amplifiers. What are the different types of optical amplifiers? Explain briefly.
      d. Write Short notes on the following. (any two)
       i. Stimulated emission
       ii. Optical detectors
       iii. SOA applications

The number of bits transmitted per second over a channel is called          .


The optical communication frequency is ______ 


The principle of light propagation in optical fibre is based on _____


LASER stands for 

Dark current is defined as


LASER exhibits


In a graded index fiber the refractive index _____ 


The optical fiber structure consists of basically three parts


Single mode fibers support only _____ mode of


The unit of Dispersion is_______ 


VCSEL stands for


Johnson noise is due to _______


A photodiode is used in _ ___

DWDM stands for_____ 


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