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Quantity Surveying & Valuation 6th Sem/Civil/May 2016 Diploma Paper

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Quantity Surveying & Valuation 6th Sem/Civil/May 2016 Diploma Question Paper


State the unit of measurement for the following.  7×2=14

  i) Earthwork
 ii) RCC work
iii) Steel
iv) Half brick wall
 v) Holdfast
vi) DPC
vii) Flooring


Q2. Attempt any THREE questions.                           3×13=39

 Q2. Calculate the quantity of earthwork for hill road from RD 300 to RD 700, partly in cutting and partly in filling. Formation width is 6m, side slope in banking 2:1 and in cutting 1:1. Transverse slope is 1 in 5.
RD 300 400 500 600 700
NSL 202.250 202.500 203.000 204.100 204.800
FL 204.250 204.000 203.750 203.500 203.250
Q3. Work out the quantities of earthwork for a channel from the following data;
RD 0 500 1000 1500
GL 341.400 341.300 341.100 340.900
PBL = 340.800m, bed width is 4m, side slope in cutting 1:1 and in filling 1.5:1, bank width 1.5m on both sides. FSD is 60cm, free board is 45cm. Bed slope is 1 in 5000.
Q4. Prepare the analysis of rate for 10 cum of cement concrete 1:2:4 from the following data; Labour for 10 cum; Mason = 1 @ Rs. 300 per day
Labour = 15 @ Rs. 200 per day Water man = 2 @ Rs. 250 per day
Cost of material: Cement = Rs. 300 per bag
Sand = Rs. 600 per cum
Bajri = Rs. 1200 per cum


Q5. Write short note on (ANY THREE):              5+7+5+5=22

  a) Contract system
  b) Tender document
  c) Purpose of valuation
 d) Depreciation
 e) Analysis of rates
Q6. a) Explain in details the different type of estimates.
 b) Explain the different methods of building estimates.

Q7. Calculate the quantities of following items from the sketch attached:
  a) Excavation for foundation
  b) 1st class Brick masonry from foundation and super structure
  c) Cement plaster (inside only)
  d) 4cm thick DPC

Valuation and purpose of valuation.

Factors considered while preparing the analysis of rates

Dry material for 1 cu.m brick masonry in cement sand mortar 1:5.

Find out the dry material required for 1 cu.m cement concrete 1:2:4.

Tender and name of various tender documents.

Contractor and essential qualifications of a contractor

Short note on Scrap value and Earnest money.

Short note on different Measurement Books.

Short note on Depreciation and Muster Roll.

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