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Relational Database Management System RDBMS Dec 2015 CSE/IT Diploma Paper

Download Previous Year Diploma Solved Question Paper of Relational Database Management System RDBMS Dec 2015 CSE/IT Diploma Paper

Relational Database Management System RDBMS Dec 2015 CSE/IT Diploma Paper


NOTE: Attempt all questions 1.5×10=15
1). The Purpose of DBMS is to provide a mechanism for Organizing, Structuring and Storing data.(T/F)
2). The database Administrator is, in effect, the coordinator between the Database and Users.(T/F)
3). Data Security threats includes _______________
4). Write Full form of:
5). A relational database developers refers to a record as _.
6) language is to Grant and Revoke authorization for database.
7). A _______ Key is a set of one or more attributes that can uniquely tuples with in the relation.
8). The ________ Clause is used along with the statement to specify the conditions based on which rows will be extracted from the table.
9). The Symbols < and > are considered ___________ Operators.
10). SELECT Command creates new Table.(T/F)


NOTE: Attempt any FIVE questions. 6×5=30
Q1: What are DBMS Interfaces? Explain in brief?
Q2: Explain the Role of DBA and different database End Users? Discuss the main activities of each?
Q3: What is Data Independence? Explain two levels of Data Independence in Brief?
Q4: What do you mean by Data Models? Explain types of Data Models?
Q5: Explain with example:- (i)Primary Key. (ii)Candidate Key. (iii)Super Key. (iv)Secondary Key.
Q6: What is Normalization? Explain types of Normal Forms?
Q7: Explain ACID properties? Which are two states of Transaction?
Q8: What is the difference between SQL and PL/SQL?


NOTE: Attempt any THREE questions. 10×3=30
Q1: What do you mean by relationship? What is the different Degrees of a relationship? Explain with examples?
Q2: What are various Locking Methods used in Data Security? Also, briefly describe GRANT and REVOKE statement?
Q3: What do you mean by Data Models? What are various Data Models? Explain?
Q4: Explain ER Diagram and their Components? What are its uses? Give suitable example?
Q5: Explain the types of various Integrity Constraints

Relational Database Management System RDBMS Dec 2018 CSE/IT Diploma Solved PSBTE Paper


Q1. Fill in the blanks.                                                      15×1=15

a. DDL stands for Data Definition Language .
b. DBMS stands for Database Management Systems.
c. PL/SQL is Procedural language.
d. Database is the collection of interrelated data.
e. The Alter command is used to modify the information stored in a table.
f.A hierarchical database Model consists of a collection of records connected to one another through links.
g. The overall design of the database is called Database Schema .
h. DBA stands for Database Administrator .
i. A  Domain is the set of allowable values for one or more attributes.
j. BCNF stands for Boyce–Codd Normal Form .
k. A data dictionary is a file that contains Meta data i.e. data about data.
l. The number of tuples in a relation is known as Degree .
m. Oracle is an object oriented database. (T/F) TRUE
n. The Declare section ends a PL/SQL block. (T/F) TRUE
o. All fields in a record must be of the same type. (T/F) TRUE

Data Independence.

Explain two levels of Data Independence.

Data Models and types of Data Models.

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(i)Primary Key.

(ii)Candidate Key.

(iii)Super Key.

(iv)Secondary Key.

Normalization and types of Normal Forms.

Difference between SQL and PL/SQL.

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