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Soil and Foundation Engineering 5th Sem/Civil/May 2015 Diploma Paper

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Download Previous Year Diploma Paper of Soil and Foundation Engineering 5th Exam/Civil/May 2015

Soil and Foundation Engineering 5th Semester /Civil/2517/May 2015 Diploma PSBTE Paper


Q1. Fill in the Blanks                                                                                          15×1=15

    I. Clay is a _________ grained soil.
    II. Porosity is also known as ______________ .
    III. The diagram used to represent constituents of a soil mass is ________
    IV. The consistency limits are also known as ___________________
     V. Darcy’law is valid for _____________________
    VI. The increase in volume of soil mass on addition of water is _______
   VII. Creep occurs more in ___________ Soils.
   VIII. The upward movement of soil is ___________________
      IX. Tilt is an example of ____________________
       X. Sheep foot rollers are suitable for compacting ______________ soils.
      XI. For a spread footing, the depth of exploration should be _times the width.
     XII. Box type caissons are also called __________________
     XIII. Pile foundation is an example of _____________ foundation.
      XIV. SPT is used to calculate _________ of soils.
       XV. Core cutter method is used to calculate _________ of soil.


Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                                    5×6=30

    I. What are the factors which affect the compaction?
   II. What are the causes of settlement of foundation?
  III. Differentiate between compaction & consolidation.
  IV. What is permeability? What are the factors affecting it.
   V. Explain Darcy’s Law & give its limitations.
   VI. Define total stress & effective stress.
  VII. Define Freezing & Thawing of soils.
 VIII. Write short note on OMC.
   IX. Define disturbed & undisturbed samples? State their significance.


Q3. Attempt any three questions.                                                      3×10=30

   I. Define Atterbergs limits. Explain their use & practical significance.
  II. What do you mean by particle size classification? Explain B.I.S. soil classification in detail
 III. How will you determine the bearing capacity of soil by SPT method?
 IV. An unsaturated 100cm3 sample of soil weighs 190 grams. If its dried weight is 160gram, calculate its water content.
  V. State the following terms with the help of phase diagram:
    (a) Void ratio
    (b) Degree of saturation
    (c) Porosity
    (d) Specific gravity

Factors which affect the compaction

Causes of settlement of foundation

Differentiate between compaction & consolidation.

Permeability and factors affecting it.

Darcy’s Law & give its limitations.

Total stress & effective stress.

Freezing & Thawing of soils.

Short note on OMC.

Disturbed & undisturbed samples and its significance.

Soil and Foundation Engineering 5th Sem/Civil/2517/May’15 Diploma Paper Click Here

Soil and Foundation Engineering 5th Semester /Civil/2517/ May 2015 Diploma PSBTE Paper

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