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Utilization Electrical Energy UEE Dec 2015 PSBTE Paper

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Utilization Electrical Energy UEE PSBTE Diploma Paper Dec 2015

  • Utilization Electrical Energy UEE PSBTE Diploma Paper Dec 2015                                             SECTION-A

Q1. Fill in the Blanks.                                                                                                                     15×1=15

  1. For small domestic appliances DC motors are generally used.

  2. The ac motor used for running the lathe is single-phase capacitor run motor.

  3. Candela is the unit of Luminous Intensity 

  4. The fluorescent material used for coating the inside of fluorescent lamp Phospher.

  5. Induction furnaces require 100 Hz frequency Suuply.

  6. Nichrome is an alloy of  Nickel and Chromium.

  7. Welding transformer must have a High leakage reactance.

  8. The electrode used for electrolytic process is Carbon electrodes .

  9. The carbonate light of a refrigerator is operated by Push-button Switch.

  10. On main line railways more importance is given 


  Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                                    5×6=30

  1. What is a group drive?

  2. Why tungsten is selected as the filament material?

  3. What is meant by schedule speed of a train?

  4. What are the essential properties of resistance heating elements?

  5. What is regenerative braking and where it is used?

  6. How does carbon arc welding differ from metal arc welding?

  7. What are the essential qualities of a good refrigerant used in refrigeration cycle?

  8. What is an electro deposition? What are the factors on which quality of electro deposition depends?


Q3. Attempt any three questions.                                                      3×10=30

  1. Discuss the various advantage of electric drive over mechanical drive. What are the various factors which decide the choice of an electric drive for industrial applications?

  2. Explain’ Faraday’s law of electrolysis.

  3. Describe the various methods of induction heating. Give some applications of induction heating.

  4. Draw electric circuit diagram of an air condition and explain the working ?

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  5. Describe with the help of a neat diagram, the construction and working of high pressure mercury vapor.

Utilization Electrical Energy UEE PSBTE Diploma solved Paper May Dec 2015


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