Download Previous Year PSBTE Diploma Paper Utilization Electrical Energy UEE Dec 2018 PSBTE Paper for EE and EEE Engineering Branch

Utilization Electrical Energy UEE PSBTE Diploma Paper Dec 2018

  •   Utilization Electrical Energy UEE PSBTE Diploma Paper Dec 2018                                               SECTION-A

Q1. Fill in the Blanks.                                                                                                                      15×1=15

  1. Lumen/watt is the unit of  luminous flux

  2. The sizes of Refrigerators are rated in inches .

  3. Voltage Regulators are used to Regulate the level  the Voltage.

  4. The amount of Light entering the eye is controlled by Iris

  5. The weight of substance liberated during Electrolysis is proportional to the product of _______ and Current.

  6. The Dielectric Losses depends upon frequency and the dielectric material. 

  7. In electrolyte process the electrical energy is converted into Chemical Energy.

  8. The Starting Torque of Three Phase Induction Motor can be Increase by increasing rotor resistance .

  9. The supply source used for Arc Welding must have straight or drooping characteristics .

  10. The different modes by which heat is transferred are  Conduction,Covection and Radiations.

  11. During Free Running Speed Remains Constant.

  12. Light Travel with a velocity of 3 × 10–8 m/s.

  13. The welding Transformer must have a High leakage.

  14. For Traction Work the best rated motor is D.C Series Motor. 

  15. Coasting is Followed by Braking.


    Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                                    5×6=30


  1. What are the factors affecting the schedule speed of train?
  2. What is the principle of Anodizing? What are its Application ?
  3. What are various types of Lighting Schemes ?
  4. Explain MIG & TIG Welding ?
  5. Draw electrical circuit of domestic refrigerator ?
  6. Explain the following terms:
    1. Illumination b) Luminous intensity c) Lumen
    2. Which motor is selected for the following drivers?
      1. Cranes               b) Textile industry          c) Flour mills                 d) Lathe Machines                   e) Printing Machine


Q3. Attempt any three questions.                                                       3×10=30


  1. Write a note on Di- electric Heating in detail.

  2. What do you mean by Braking? Discuss any one type of

  3. Explain vapour compression cycle in detail? Also discuss the working of various parts of vapour compression refrigeration ?

  4. Explain working of fluorescent tube with help of a circuit diagram .what is the function of a choke & starter in fluorescent

  5. Explain basic principle of electrolysis. Also discuss its various applications.

Utilization Electrical Energy UEE PSBTE Diploma solved Paper May Dec 2018

Utilization Electrical Energy UEE PSBTE Diploma solved May Dec 2018 Paper

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