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Utilization Electrical Energy UEE PSBTE Diploma Paper May 2018

Utilization Electrical Energy UEE PSBTE Diploma Paper May 2008

  • Utilization Electrical Energy UEE PSBTE Diploma Paper May 2008                                               SECTION-A

Q1. Do as directed.                                                                                                                     15×1=15

  1. For small domestic appliances Single Phase ac motors are used.                             
  2. The reversal of rotation of motor for electric braking is known as Regenerative Braking.                       
  3. The life of a filament lamp Decrease with the increase in operating voltage

  4. The sodium Vapour lamp produces Yellowwish light.

  5. Dielectric heating is used for heating of Insulating materials. 

  6. In resistance welding current is passed through Joint.

  7. The weight of substance liberated during electrolysis is proportional to the product of Current and Time.

  8. Vapour compression cycle has Four stages.

  9. In Kando system of track electrification, single-phase ac is converted into Three Phase ac.

  10. Seam welding is used for welding Sheets.


  Q2. Attempt any five questions.                                                                    5×6=30

     (i) What is multimotor drive ?

    (ii) What is meant by direct, indirect and semi-direct lighting ?

   (iii) Why the supply used for arc furnace is low voltage, high current one ?

   (iv) What is meant by anodizing ?

   (v) Differentiate between ac and dc welding. (vi) What is refrigration ? Why is it necessary to maintain constant voltage for the refrigerator.

   (vii) Why steam engine drive is not suitable for urban or sub urban railways ?

  (viii) Why local lighting is required in factory lighting ?


Q3. Attempt any three questions.                                                      3×10=30

   (i) Discuss with the help of a neat diagram, the construction and working of high pressure  vapour lamp. 

   (ii) Discuss the Ajax Wyatt (Vertical core) type induction furnace and explain its working.

  (iii) Explain briefly the different welding processes under resistance welding. Why is it necessary to use ‘welding transformer’?

  (iv) Discuss the concept of plugging and regenerative braking. Describe the criteria for selection of motor for particular job.

  (v) Write short notes on :

  (a) What is electroplating?

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  (b) What are the applications of vapour compression refrigerator cycle ?



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